1. Energy efficient glass2018-01-26T15:18:14-04:00

Double glazing

With an average R-Value of 4, double glazed windows give you a high R-value while still allowing 76% light into the room. One of the two panes of glass will have a coating of Low E to reflect solar heat and to retain heat in the home during the winter months.

Triple glazing

The third piece of glass and extra argon gas combined with LowE increases the R-value to an average of 6. The three panes of glass also reduce noise from the exterior. The down side to triple is that it blocks more light, only about 65% enters the home.

2. Warranties2018-01-26T15:18:40-04:00

Lifetime Workmanship Warranties? This can’t be right? It is!

Over the years we would get the odd service call from a customer that we completed the work 10+ years ago. Even though the workmanship warranty was expired we would complete the service free of charge. We stand by the work we do and want nothing but happy customers! So we changed our workmanship warranty to Lifetime. We have Calgary’s best tradesmen, we believe in their workmanship so much that we will back it for as long as you own your home!

Windows – Lifetime on Sealed unit, glass breakage (even if it’s from a hockey puck) hardware and frame. 10 years on paint finish.

Doors – Lifetime on steal doors, 10 years on Fibreglass, sealed units and paint finish

Vinyl siding – Lifetime product and colour fade

James Hardie siding – 30 year product 15 year paint

3. Can it be installed in the winter?2018-01-26T15:19:14-04:00

Absolutely! Of course there are limitations when it gets really cold but we install year round.

4. Do you have your own crews or do you sub contract?2018-01-26T15:46:57-04:00

We have our own crews. We have picked the best of the best in Calgary and that allows us to back their work with a Lifetime Workmanship warranty.

5. How long does it take to install?2018-01-26T15:20:09-04:00

Well on average we can install about 4 windows a day and siding jobs usually take 1.5-2 weeks. All of this depends on complexity of the job and weather delays.

6. How long does an in home consultation take?2018-01-26T15:20:28-04:00

Usually about 45 minutes to an hour.

7. How long have you been in business?2018-03-07T01:04:53-04:00

39 years! One of the oldest companies in the industry.