Lincoln has over 30 years of experience working with homeowners and insurance companies to repair damage to their homes cause from hail and wind. We work on your behalf to ensure all damages are accounted for on the insurance estimate.


Insurance Claim Process

  1. Not sure if your roof is damaged? Call Lincoln to come out and do a free assessment. If we do find damage we will ask you to call your insurance company and they will do an inspection and estimate.
  2. Once you receive the estimate we will review the estimate with you and do a complete site inspection. If anything was missed from the estimate we will contact your adjuster to make sure everything is accounted for.
  3. Once everything is finalized we will create a work authorization outlining the work to be completed.
  4. All the work will commence and we will either invoice your insurance company directly or you will sign over a co-payable cheque from your insurance company.
  5. Remember, you can choose your own contractor. You do not have to use the insurance companies recommended contactor.
  6. Have your work done by Lincoln, a Family owned and operated company since 1979.